As promised I have kept a weekly journal of my progress on this, my program to cure  my Type 2 diabetes.  This program, Blue Heron Guide to Beat Diabetes, requires a 2-4 week diet of 20 grams carbohydrates daily.  Day One was very easy for me.  I did not experience any hunger pangs and easily stayed on program.  Day Two also went well.  However on Day Three I became hungry about an hour before lunch time.  I ate some Macadamia nuts [which are allowed]. In early afternoon once again I was hungry.  I ate the left-over half of my morning smoothie.  On Day Four I had one-half smoothie about an hour before lunch, had a large salad with meat and maintained well until dinner.  About an hour after dinner I was hungry again.  Now I was beginning to be concerned about my ability to stay with the program. I had a glass of water and a cup of cinnamon tea.  That got me through that day.  On days five through seven, since I knew what to expect, I included small snacks mid-afternoon and just before bed.  I also increased my intake of water as this seemed to reduce feelings of hunger.  Hooray!  I made it through Week One and lost five pounds in the process.

I am now on day two of Week Two.  I am maintaining my commitment to the program.  I find that eating large salads improves my ability to avoid hunger pains.   My blood sugar reading was 108. See you back here next week for an update on Week Two’s challenges and successes.

You can still join me on this journey.  You have nothing to lose but weight and may gain an extended life span. Smile


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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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