Hey my readers, Grab your free recipe Turkey breast with mustard glaze.  Also,I ran across this article today [by Julia Hanf] on non-medication ways to fight diabetes

and want to share it with you.

Did you know that most medical schools in the Unites States offer little or

no training in diet and nutrition, or the use of vitamins and minerals to

reverse health challenges.

As a result doctors most often direct their patients to the use

of drugs, medications or operations to handle health problems,

problems that could very often be handled with correct nutrition

and proper supplements:

“According to the American Heart Association, substituting

carbohydrates for fats may raise triglyceride levels and may

decrease HDL (‘good’) cholesterol in some people. Yet most

doctors persist in telling patients who gain weight easily to cut

down on fat and meat.

For some, this advice is a recipe for disaster. Why?”

“Decreasing fat and protein in the diet inevitably means

Increasing carbohydrates. This shifts the metabolism toward

fat storage – and higher triglycerides. Not only that, it also

leaves the person feeling hungry all the time and

subject to blood sugar swings.”

“When the situation is reversed, however – when carbs are

cut and replaced with dietary fat and protein – the opposite happens.

Blood sugar metabolism normalizes, triglycerides go down,

HDL cholesterol goes up, and body fat is lost.”

“All of these benefits occur without hunger and irritability

that are trademarks of low-fat, reduced-calorie diet plans.”


“Many of you with evidence of insulin/blood sugar problems

already have suffered years of nutritional deficits [shortages].”

“Although it might be possible to overcome this deficit

with diet alone, to regain your health as rapidly as possible

means supplements are needed.”

“A vitamin is an organic substance that your body needs

but can’t manufacture. [With few exceptions the body cannot

manufacture or synthesize vitamins.] Minerals are inorganic

substances such as calcium and magnesium. Some minerals

are essential, meaning that you must have them, even if only

in very small amounts.”

“Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the smooth operation

of the thousands of chemical processes that are constantly

taking place in your body. You need a constant and adequate

supply of them.”

excerpted from Atkins Diabetes Solution

by Mary C. Vernon, M.D., C.M.D. & Jacqueline A. Eberstein, R.N.

There are safe ways to reduce neuropathy, lower blood sugar levels,

lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Article by Julia Hanf

Many of you with evidence of insulin/blood sugar problems may

have already suffered years of nutritional deficits [shortages].

Perhaps it may be possible to overcome this deficit with diet alone, but to regain your

health as rapidly as possible means supplements are needed.

Wishing you good health,

Theresa Newell


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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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