Hip hip hooray!  We survived the first feasting battle of this holiday season.  Congratulations to those who stayed within or near their ‘feasting’ goals.  To those who fell a little short, today is a new day and an opportunity for a new start.

Think about the temptations you yielded to.  Are their ways you can strengthen your resistance or reduce the level of your capitulation (giving in to body wants)?  Develop a plan that you can implement to combat these weaknesses.  Make the plan realistic.  Provide your body real, appealing alternatives to yielding to those things which are detrimental to your body and your health.  Consider bringing the dessert (heart and diabetes friendly)next time if you are a guest.  If you are the host plan attractive and tempting menus that appeal to all, yet remain good health friendly.  Check out my

Holiday Cook Book for ideas.

Here is a bonus recipe.











Theresa Newell

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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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