If you value your health at all, give this a good read:

There are three things that are universal "givens" for poor

health and increased risk for major, painful disease:

1. Blood glucose (above 90 is bad)

2. Elevated insulin (keep it to 12 or less)

3. And "the silent killer."

In reality, all three of these nasties are silent killers. You

have no outward sign of problems whatsoever, with the

exception of elevated insulin, which can lead to a lot

of body fat storage.

But ONE is the most deadly when it comes to sudden stroke,

heart attack and even sudden death:

——>  High Blood Pressure

Before you say, "Oh, right… heard it…it's all okay…"  READ THIS:

     The AHA will be lowering its threshold

     for healthy blood pressure from the old

    120/80 to 110/70.

That means that (get this) 75% of people living in industrialized nations

will be at risk for heart-related diseases due to elevate blood pressure.

Now, there are some nasty reasons for this that have nothing to do with your

health… namely the desire to sell more blood pressure drugs.

Yeah, it's a messy business.BUT — and please, get this: 

     The 110/70 mark is what your blood      pressure should be if you want to

     lower your key risk factors by 245%.

My good friend and medical researcher Frank Mangano's book, The Blood Pressure

Miracle, is just the answer for someone who wants to lower their blood pressure…

… but does NOT want to do it by taking dangerous drugs.

I asked Frank if he'd let my readers sample the book's protocols to see if it works for

you… and he agreed. For $1 you can see if The Mangano Method works.

But you have to go here now: Kill The "Silent Killer"! >>  <— click

The natural route is by far the best route to take to lower blood pressure. When I

was taking a lot of meds (before I got into good shape) I was always sleepy, I had

problems sexually, and I got depressed.

Once I stopped the blood pressure meds in favor of this natural approach, all of 
those horrible side effects.  So, I'm a big fan of the natural route.

I want you to take a serious look at this issue of blood pressure —

then have a look at The Mangano Method.  It's a buck to try it out — and

I hope you can thank me for this in about 2-4 weeks after you

and your doctor decide that it is working for you, too:

How You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure For A Buck?  <— read more here

Please note: You cialis online will NOT see this offer repeated, so act now if you want to lower

your risk factors, too.


Jon Dana Benson

3-Time Bestselling Author

President, JBF Nutrition

P.S.  Let me be perfectly clear:I am not anti-meds. I do believe there is

a time and a place for such "tools". I know that a lot of my health industry colleagues

will disagree, but they haven't been through what I have. I was able to get my blood

pressure down to the "old" normal level without any drugs at all. In fact, I got it down

to 115/75.  But with my genetics and risk for heart issues, I decided that was not good

enough. Using Frank's methods, my own dietary plan and workouts, plus a VERY low-

dose diuretic, I was able to get my BP down to 110/70 without ANY of the side effects

I used to have.

Honestly, that's probably overkill. Most people would be THRILLED with a BP of 115/75,

as would your doctor. So that, even with BAD genes like mine, can be achieved using

The Mangano Method of lowering blood pressure naturally — here:

Try "The Mangano Method" Here >>  <— Your $1 Coupon Price

If you want to lower it even more and you have really bad genes, a low-dose

med may be called for as well. But at least it's not a high dosage, which will always result

in serious side effects.

Good luck!


Since I am being treated by my doctor for both diabetes and high blood pressure, I found Jon’s statements of interest. 

I will now begin investigating non-drug methods for lowering blood pressure.  Let me know if you have found nutritional ways to do this.

Theresa Newell

About the Author

Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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