— Have a plan.  Identify potential food/drink challenges and set up a routine for reducing or avoiding their impact.

  • PREPARE — If you enjoy refreshing, tasty, sweet drinks have something already prepared in your refrigerator.  Many options are  available, ie. fruit smoothie,  unsweetened buy amoxil ice tea pushed up a notch with a mint leave, slice of  lemon, etc.  Plan cook outs that provide vegetable and chicken items, including fresh fruit desserts, etc.
  • IMPLEMENT —  Have available alternative choices for high carb and high fat options.  buy cheap amoxil Drink lots of water and limited amounts order cialis of alcohol.  Ice water with a twist of lemon (no buy phentermine sugar) can be very refreshing.
  • ALLOW –Allow (include in plan) times when it is okay to indulge in items not normally part of the plan.
  • FORGIVE — Forgive yourself.  buy amoxil If you fall off the wagon forgive yourself and get right back on.
  • Have a great day.  Leave me a comment sharing your recipes and/or suggestions for beverages and menus that will not aggravate our diabetes.



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    Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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