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Free “Points System” for Better Meals & Better Sugars


By David Edelman

Thrive365: Free Tool Makes Smart Food Choices Easy

Diabetes Daily is pleased to announce our partnership with the Thrive365, a new tool for choosing diabetes-friendly foods and tracking your meals. Just calculate your Food Score and easily discover recipes, menu plans, and  restaurant meal suggestions that are better for your blood sugars. Thrive365 is available at  thrive365.com and on the iPhone mobile app.

Developed with over $10 million in research, Thrive was created uniquely for people living with type 2 diabetes and is validated by years of research. Over three hundred nutritionists specialized in diabetes systematically assess foods that are most beneficial to you to create this comprehensive system. (This program has not been studied in people with type 1 diabetes yet, although this is an area of interest.)

Thrive365 is based on a food scoring system developed specifically for your body type. It is also customized to ensure that you get the right nutrition for each of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Using the mobile app, you can even scan in a UPC code on select supermarket food items and it will automatically upload scores.

The tool also integrates with the Telcare blood glucose meter for automatically tracking blood sugars and the Fitbit for automatically tracking exercise.

Thrive365 is currently in beta. This means that there are still features under development and likely a number of bugs that are yet to be squashed. We look forward to announcing a beta testing program soon to incorporate your feedback into the program development.

The weather is brisk and chilly here in Kansas today and puts me in the mood for a warm, and filling bowl of soup. Perhaps you will enjoy joining me in trying out this new soup recipe.

Apple Squash Soup Recipe

apple squash soup

This is a new twist on an old favorite—pumpkin soup. I add a little ginger and sage to apples and squash to make this creamy soup. My family loves it when autumn rolls around. —Crystal Ralph-Haughn of Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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