In my search for products and activities that will aid in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, I ran across a beverage that is tasty, and will replace one meal a day,  It is Green Extreme Vegan Vanilla Shake Mix.  It tastes great, will fill you up and is less than 500 calories.

Make your own healthy smoothies – add a few ice cubes to your favorite juice and frozen fruit blend. Enjoy a refreshing health drink with less than 500 calories. Or as a full meal replacement –  use 8 to 10 oz of skim or almond milk, a scoop of spinach and half of an avocado.

You can use Green Extreme Vegan Protein Shake in conjunction with a modest exercise program and reduced caloric intake to help you reach your personal weight loss goals.  It’s an excellent source of protein and helps support a healthy diet.

  Vegan Shake    $47.95 [discount code theresanewell]

Directions:  Mix 1 scoop (15 grams) with 8 oz. of water or your favorite liquid.  Tastes great when combined with almond milk.  Enhance with added fruits or vegetables to taste.  Vive La Vida Green Extreme Vegan Protein Shake can be used as a meal replacement shake or to supplement your diet. Try the shake and let me know your views and reactions.

Today’s bonus recipe is  Honey Rosemary Chicken.Honey Rosemary Chicken  Recently I have become bored with my old standby chicken recipes.  My family and I enjoyed this one and it was quick and easy to prepare.


Theresa Newell

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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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