As the countdown to Labor Day draws nearer and nearer, it is wise to be prepared to address and overcome the eating challenges presented by this last holiday of the summer.  Preparation is the keyword here.  Whether you are entertaining or will be a guest, your strategies for avoiding over-eating need to be in place.

I recently discovered a ‘new product’La-La Bikini Body Thermo. La La’s Bikini Body Thermo contains ingredients designed to help decrease appetite. With a decreased appetite, we can make better decisions about the foods we choose to eat. I am really pleased with my progress thus far.  Directions for use have us start out slowly, 1 capsule daily for 15 days, then take 2 capsules daily for 15 days. By alternating between 1 capsule daily and 2 capsules daily, one will obtain maximum results.  Try it and let me know whether it works for you.  I have had a slow but continual weight loss, losing 4 pounds in 4 months.

Back to our holiday plans.  My last post contained two recipes for hamburgers.  Today I will share two salad recipes.

Grilled Tuna With Chickpea and Spinach Salad  – grilled tuna

Tuna is a sturdy fish that is easy to grill or broil. If you can’t find beans labeled “low sodium,” compare the Nutrition Facts panels to find the beans with the lowest amount of sodium. Rinsing can help further reduce the sodium level.

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breasts        Grilled Chicken Breasts

“Grilled marinated chicken breasts are diced and tossed in a tangy, piquant sauce studded with grapes, lemon zest, poppy seeds and cashews.”

Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday,

Theresa Newell

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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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