Milder days approach and the warmer it is the fewer clothing people seem to wear. Shorts tend to replace long pants; bare arms replace long sleeves. Thus a slimmer, trimmer body becomes of even more significance. This post provides tips on recipes and menu ideas that help maintain a shapely and attractive body image and maintain that slimmer you. Of course, it should be understood that healthy eating should be combined with a consistent physical activity program to become and maintain that slim, trim, beautiful you.

Today’s post contains suggestions for meals and recipes that not only help you look good and feel good, but that also taste good and are simple to prepare. The following tips were shared by this week’s Diabetic Living Weekly.

Plan Ahead to Eat Right

When you have diabetes, just deciding what to eat can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve put together easy, make-ahead recipes and dietitian-approved meal plans. Now you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you love.

Your Healthy One-Week Meal Plan

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks—we’ve got you covered. Kick-start your healthy eating with this one-week meal plan appropriate for an overweight or a moderate-size woman who wants to lose weight.


Cook One Master Recipe & Eat Three Meals!

Use your slow cooker to cook a roast or a batch of chicken thighs to shred, then use the meat to make three deliciously different recipes for a total of nine convenient diabetes-friendly meals!

By Diabetic Living Editors

READY! SET! GO!  Get started on the healthier, shapley, and more beautiful you for the 2017 fun in the sun season.

The spoils–healthy body –belong to the victor.

Those of us who battle type 2 diabetes know that our major weapons are diet and exercise. Today I discovered an exercise program that will take the fight to diabetes and train our body to naturally develop coping techniques for managing blood sugar levels. This is an easy to do routine, even for seniors. However, as with any exercise or fitness plan, remember to clear with your doctor. All things never being equal. What is harmless for one may be harmful to another. Please get medical clearance before beginning a program such as this. Another word of advice—start slowly. Just as most cars cannot go from zero to 100 immediately, a sedentary body will take time to develop the stamina to complete a new exercise routine. Have fun! Knock out diabetes 2.

Now add a healthy eating plan to your new you. Check out the menus and recipes below.

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