If you could wave a magic wand and
eliminate our foreign oil dependency…
Would you do it?
95% of us would. No matter what side
of the political fence you may stand,
virtually all of us free cialis would LOVE to see
our dependency on foreign crude
go away.
What does this have to do with a
study on obesity?
    More than you think.
RTI International released numbers
on what obesity is costing the taxpayer
annually. In nine states, obesity alone
accounts for 10% or MORE in annual
medical expenses.
That racks up to over 15 BILLION
dollars per year.
The "average" across 50 states was
a bit under 7 billion dollars.
Multiply 7 x 50 — what do you get?
    The amount we spend on foreign oil.
That is just staggering.
America spends about a billion per
day on foreign oil — and we spend
roughly the exact same amount on
a condition that is entirely curable.
The only thing rising faster than the
COST of oil in the past decade is the
PERCENT of obesity per state.
Now, consider this:
    Oil is used to make gasoline.
How would your gas milage be if
you put a 50 lb weight in the back
seat? How about 100 lb? 200 lb?
Obviously it would go down — you
would need more gas for the same
exact size car due to increased weight.
Listen: This is not intended to make
you feel guilty if you struggle with
weight-related issues.
Rather, this is just a shocking analogy
to a number most of us simply cannot
process otherwise: The COST of our
decreasing health due to obesity.
I urge you to watch the presentation
below if you want to take a proactive
step to shed unwanted weight:

hhttp://www.NewDietSolutionSystem.com  <— watch this
This is a real-world-friendly diet plan
I have recommended for years.
Food for thought… : )
Jon Dana Benson
3-Time Bestselling Author

About the Author

Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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