How To Prepare Healthy Summer Recipes


We have just  crossed the first hurdle of this year’s spring and summer eating challenges (Mother’s Day). Whether you celebrated by treating your mom to a nice meal or benefitted as the mom being treated,  the tempting food array was unlikely daunting.

I joined friends in celebrating this awesome acknowledgment of  MOTHERS with a brunch at a local restaurant.  The menu was both tempting and tantalizing; and the buffet was irresistible.  Everything from salads to dessets was available for our indulgence.  I took full advantage and made two trips while our entrée was being prepared.  Then, I made a third trip for dessert. (call me piggly wiggly)  Today, however it’s back to the real world.  Knowing there will be many other occasions as the summer progresses for my self-control to be tested,  I have decided to review and update my eating plans and menu recipes.

This week I will serve a lighter menu to compensate for my over-indulgence on Sunday. I am also collecting healthy, tempting and nutritious recipes that will not overload  me with calories or weight.  Menus that emphasize vegetables, fruits and salads are always good warm weather solutions.  Chicken is, of course, a great choice for low calorie meals, especially when it is prepared in a way that does not add a lot of fat to our diet.

Today I am giving you two recipes for consideration—Spring Chicken Salad and  Grilled Salmon & Zucchini with Red Pepper Sauce



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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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