Here in Kansas March arrived with a warm burst.  Even though Winter 2011 was mild it was still winter.  Spring always seems to provide me with a new burst of energy.  I know summer is on the way and I want to look better in shorts (swimsuits) etc.  So, I have an added incentive to shape up.  My recent trip to France taught me how much in need of exercise I really am.  The extensive walking as I toured the highlights of Paris left me exhausted at the end of each day.  I was even too tired to visit a variety of French restaurants.  I did take in a few however and the cuisine was excellent.

Those of us with diabetes know how important weight control is.  In this post I want to re-emphasize the need for a consistent fitness plan, that can be adhered to both daily and weekly.  The targets must be achievable and provide quick reward.  I am focusing on a 90 day plan that includes a 10  pound weight loss, 3 day a week exercise routine and new pair of pants when target is attained.  Listed below is my plan of action, let me know if you will join me in this 90 Day Shape-Up Challenge.

Day One—Weigh in and record weight.  Use calendar or log that can be checked daily.  Plan to check off each day the completed tasks for that day.  Tasks should include physical activity—walking /exercise, one all veggie/fruit meal, 4 glasses of water gradually increasing to 8 glasses of water per day.

(Every other day treat yourself to a new menu item that is not only healthy, nutritional and tasty, but also low calorie.)

Each day complete assigned tasks for that day.

Day 8.  Weigh in.  Do not weigh in between time.  Reward yourself if you maintained or lost weight.

Continue this pattern.  Weighing in once weekly.  Look for a buddy to complete the challenge with you.  If they are not near enough to physically share the activity, share your experiences—email, text, phone, etc. At the end of 30 days evaluate your progress.  If you are on target WHOOPEE.  If not reassess and revise.  BUT, continue do not stop or give up.  At the end of 60 days re-evaluate.  At the end of 90 days celebrate your achievements.  Treat yourself  to lunch.  If you only lost one pound you are still ahead.  If you have initiated an exercise program that includes at least 3 days per week of mild/moderate physical activity your body probably has more energy.  The additional water you are drinking is keeping your system flushed out and also facilitates weight loss. 

If you will join me in this 90 day Shape Up Challenge, please send your name(whatever like to be called) and a valid email to me at  Include 90 day Shape Up Challenge in the subject line.  I will report our progress in this post on a weekly basis.

Please join me.

Theresa Newell

About the Author

Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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