this little bad boy may hold the key to

why people struggle with excess weight.

First, I'll give you the good news: What

we just found out about KLF14 and

what it means for you.

Then I'll give you the bad news. Don't

worry… it's not so bad.

Then I'll share my tip for flipping the

real 'master switch' on … the one that

cranks up your fat burning.




Looks like obesity may be in the genes

after all. KLF14 is a unique gene that is

passed down from your mother's side.

It regulates how genes store fat, as well

as how the body metabolizes energy.

This means it controls many factors other

than obesity, like Type II Diabetes and

even heart disease.

Scientists making the discovery called

it the "master switch" for obesity… and

that is pretty exciting…





Drugs to turn off this "master switch" are

at least 15 years away… if they are even

a possibility.

There's too much we don't know about

how KLF14 expresses itself in the body.

And, amoxil even if a drug is invented to shut it

off, who knows what the side effects will be.




So, unless you want to wait another 10-15

years for science to figure this out, and

hope they get it right this time (unlike the

last go-around of drugs for obesity)…

—–> Here's another 'master switch' for you.

THIS switch is well-documented and we

know exactly how to flip it on and off.

THIS switch controls how much body fat

you store and how much you burn.

And… THIS switch is cheap to turn on.

( Unlike KLF14, you want this sucker ON. )

It's called "thermogenesis."

Thermogenesis is just an elevation of

body heat; heat that in turn burns off more

calories from fat stores.

Sounds like just what you want, right?

Many know factors increase thermogenesis:

1. Exercise, especially when done at or 

    near a fasting state;

online amoxil color=”#666666″ style=”background-color: #ffff00″>2. Increased muscle mass;

3. Frequent low-calorie, high protein meals;

4. Dangerous drugs (pass on that!)…

5. AND… Tea?

Yes… tea.

I've been using this stuff from China called

Wu-Long that I really like.

Here's where I get it:

A cialis online Tea That Flips The Switch "On"  <— And MELTS fat!

They sell the stuff in two forms:  The old-

fashioned teabag form, and in capsule form.

I take the capsules because I don't like

the taste of tea. Plus the capsules are a

bit more potent.

But if you enjoy tea, then get the teabags…

or get both if you travel and you're on the

go a amoxil online lot.




We used to think that teas increase that

magical thermogenic state simply due

to the caffeine content.

We were wrong.

Studies done at two universities in Japan

and one in the United States showed that

subjects given JUST caffeine had almost

300% LESS thermogenic (fat burning)

reaction than those given this tea.

This tea also increased thermogenesis by

     270% over green tea, which is a well-

     known fat burner. (Wu-Long form)

Turns to find that it's a combination of the

caffeine, Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG),

and what's known as "polymerized" poly-

phenols. That stuff is awesome.




I'm really picky about the stuff I recommend

as "fat burners" because, frankly, most of it

is pure bull crap.

Wu-long is something else entirely.

It works well, and I don't notice any amoxil generic jitters

or that "anxious" feeling you get when you

take too much caffeine.

Still, it's no magic pill. You won't drink tea

for a week and drop 80 lb or anything

… but you WILL see a difference.


Read more on that page above, and

enjoy sipping some pounds away!

Jon Dana Benson

3-Time Bestselling Author

President, buy vardenafil JBF Nutrition

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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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