is weight control.  After a fun-filled holiday weekend one might be tempted to answer “NO” to the above question.  However, whether you were successful in maintaining your eating and drinking plan for the holiday, or not, the war continues.  You are in control.  As we all know, obstacles and challenges are frequently cialis dosage encountered on the roadway of  life.  Our task is to find ways to defeat or circumvent these challenges.

Give yourself a pat on the back for the successes you experienced this past week.  At the least you can congratulate yourself for being determined to get back on track .  Identify one of the challenges you faced this past holiday and determine how you will combat it on the next holiday which comes in about one month.  In my opinion the key to successful weight loss and management is planning.  Be prepared for the challenges amoxil buy you find buy phentermine most threatening.  For example, if desserts are your weakness, prepare a low calorie, low carb vesion of the dessert.

If you’re planning to be away from  home, take it with you as a hostess gift.  Upgrade your exercise routine a notch to combat the excess calories.  Include activities that involve physical movement and action in your social plan.  During the “non-holidays” leading up to amoxil online and following  the holiday,be consistent in following your fitness routines.  Love yourself.  If you love you others will buy penicillin too.  See you on the flip side.


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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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