The author’s comments caused me to pause for thought. I began to reminisce over the past three years since my diagnosis.  I have made some substantial changes  in my lifestyle.  However, given the many other medical conditions (challenges) which I might be facing, I prefer diabetes to cancer or heart disease.  I can take control and personally combat the disease or diabetes.  I don’t have to rely on or trust surgery or chemotherapy.  The major negative as I see it is that I must be responsible and accept responsibility for my health or lack of it.  Having said that, uncontrolled diabetes can affect any and all organs of the body.  My sister has had more than 17 mini-strokes which seem related to high blood sugar levels.  During a visit about two years ago, we both took our blood sugar readings.  Hers was about 500 and she was having doughnuts for breakfast.  Shortly after my return home she was hospitalized for another stroke.  Subsequently she has been in and out of the hospital and rehab.  It is my ‘unprofessional medical opinion’ Smile that her diet was a factor in the high blood sugar levels; and, the high blood sugar level a factor in her strokes.  This sister is 17 years my junior. 


When I received my diagnosis, I followed the doctor’s instructions.  I took the classes, modified my diet and take the prescribed medications.  When my blood sugar level reaches 130 I immediately evaluate what I have been eating/drinking and  see to correct.  I see my doctor every three months for follow-up and fortunately for me my blood sugar levels remain and stay close to normal.  Thus unlike Pastor Paul I do not hate having diabetes.  Rather, I appreciate it as a wakeup call to take charge of my life.  Here is an excerpt from Pastor Paul’s article, please share your reactions and thoughts with us.

Theresa Newell

Do You "Hate" Having Diabetes? (Diabetes Daily)

…My ability to cope with diabetes, and be successful in beating back the negatives, is centered in my ability to the draw from – so to speak – my faith in God.
I don’t have to like having this disease, but I also don’t have to let this disease beat me and take me down like the slowest member of my pack being hunted down by a hungry predator!
Staying positive and focused is the most important criterion in beating diabetes at its own game. In the last thirteen years, I’ve been diagnosed with rapid onset neuropathy and renal failure. However, these complications are not going to get the better of me, because I have the faith to make a stand by believing God is not finished with me yet! Furthermore, I am dedicated to a healthy diet and committed to a regular exercise program that has me working out on a recumbent bike four to five days a week, as well as using a regular stretching, hand weights and Isometeric Training program. I average forty to fifty minutes a day in exercising. Finally, I take my insulin as prescribed, and keep my doctors apprised of any changes, needs, problems!
Sure I hate this disease. In fact, I hate buy cialis it with the same passion I have to not let it win. I attribute this to the fact that I love living more, and I will continue to move forward with my life as long as possible, and I hope that is your mindset too?

Pastor Paul

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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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