In this post and for the next few weeks I will focus on steps to b beat/ cure type 2 diabetes.  Last week I ran across a program that purports not only to control and maintain type 2 diabetes, but to reverse and cure it.  I was quickly hooked by the information shared and signed up on the spot.   This program is Blue Heron Guide to Beat Diabetes.This is a three phase approach and of course addresses food, exercise and life style. 

The first step for me was to read the book [watch the video] and get an overview of the program. Step 2 was to develop my plan of action.  Step 3 was to implement my plan.  Step 4 is to evaluate/review and modify my plan.

Step 2. Plan of action:  My target date for beginning was July 5.  Prior to initiation I inventoried my available foods and purchased items that would facilitate my staying on target.  I also determined that I would include a daily walk of about 15 minutes in my Plan and consciously increase my water intake.  I tend to drink very little water.  I also determined to limit my coffee intake and replace it with green tea and other teas.

Today I am on Day 2 of my program.  On Day 1 I noted my weight.  I had intended o record by blood sugar reading, but have misplaced by meter.  Since the goal is 100 at the end of Phase 1 I should have a new meter by that time and can check the reading.  Day 1  went quite well.  I had a smoothie made with Greek yogurt and blackberries for breakfast, a chicken salad with lettuce and spinach greens for lunch, and a spinach, lettuce and egg salad for dinner.  I ate a couple of handfuls of macadamia nuts in late afternoon when I became hungry.  Before retiring I had a few blueberries.  I also had a small glass of red wine. I had only the one glass of water and did complete my walk.  I intend to duplicate this process daily with slight modifications.  Staying at 20 grams of carbs was not difficult on Day 1 and I did not experience hunger pangs.

Next week I will share my progress and any pitfalls I encounter.  If you would like to join me on this journey to reverse and cure type 2 Diabetes.  Purchase the program below.


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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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