to sleep in this past summer.)


I have decided to use October 1 as the beginning of my good health and fitness year. Here are the five reasons that brought me to this decision.

ONE.  There is a lull now between the summer cook-outs and the holiday feeding season.  I have approximately three months to lose 10 pounds.  This is only a little more than 3 pounds per month.  Thus it is a reasonable target to achieve.  A neat advantage of entering the Holidays with my weight down is that I will not have to punish myself  for a few steps off my fitness path.

TWO.  Establishing a  new plan and routine will help organize how I spend and use my time.  I will be more effective and can develop criteria that can then be evaluated (around December 15).  In addition to providing a plan of action I will have a yardstick to measure the seven minute workout I will be implementing.  Working out three times a week for only seven minutes each sounds like something I can do and stick with.  My plan is to weigh, take and record my measurements then retake them on December 15.

THREE.  Preparing food for several days at one time will give me more free time.  Although I will spend 2-3 hours in preparation on one day, the balance of the week I will only spend a few minutes heating my meal.  Another plus is that I won’t have to go through the ordeal of determining what to cook and verify that I have all the necessary ingredients.  More free time means more time to visit with friends, ‘shop’, read, etc.

FOUR.  IF NOT NOW, WHEN?  It is always easy to procrastinate and postpone doing something one considers unpleasant. My plan is to turn this into a pleasurable activity that becomes a lifestyle change.

FINALLY.  Losing 10 pounds now will give me a head-start on my 2012 fitness plans.  I will look good with a 10 pound loss; really good with a 20 pound loss , and super good with a 30 pound loss.  Moreover, I will have implemented a lifestyle change that is a good foundation for increasing the quality and length of my life.  In my opinion nothing succeeds like success. A three month time frame is easily doable and now is all we have.  We cannot change the past or control the future, but we are in charge of now.

Please consider joining me and revolutionize, revitalize or begin your health and fitness routine today.

Theresa Newell

About the Author

Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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