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This post is geared to those taking control of  their life and who want to energize your weight control or weight loss activities.  As summer fades into fall, do not lose the momentum of your summer weight control or weight loss program.  As the weather cools and we tend to cover up more of our bodies, there may be a lesser need to appear slim and trim.  A word to the wise—looking good should be congruent with feeling good.  Healthy bodies look better, feel better and are more appealing than unhealthy bodies.  How many find the slender, bony thin individual [male or female] or the grossly obese individual visually attractive?  Which of these categories of people are most likely to be healthy and energetic?

If you have not done so, start today.  Take control of your body.  Feed it healthy meals.  Drink lots of water.  Engage in daily physical exercise.  Enrich your mind.  Not only are we what we eat, we are what we think.

Most of you who read this post are facing one or more health challenges, whether diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease or a  combination of these for yourself or a loved one.  I urge you to take action today.  Move forward on your program to be a healthy, loving and successful you.  Here are a few strategies to aid you in attaining this goal.


PLANWhat does a healthy, loving and successful you look like? Be specific.  Use criteria that are observable and measureable. Set goal date and yardsticks to chart progress.

ACT—Identify action steps that lead toward achieving/reaching targets.  Implement these steps.  DO IT NOW!  Remember the very best of plans is ineffective if no actions are taken.  Designing a plan that is not acted upon is a useless waste of time and effort.

EVALUATE—Use yardsticks as opportunities to evaluate the success of your strategies.  If working great; if not, revise and update

UPDATE—Modify or change your strategies as needed.  Remember, failure is the first step to success.  One must know what doesn’t work to find what does.

Take control of your thoughts.  If you think you cannot you are already defeated.  If you think you can you are half-way to success.  Consider using the season’s transition from summer into fall as a transition time for you from the old, dissatisfied you to the new, healthy, happy, and loving you.

I recently discovered the book below.  You might find it helpful in helping you be your best you.


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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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