2 was not lost, but our site Diabetes 2 and You.com.  I am sure all of us who have diabetes would love to “lose”  it.

Although our site was captured and conquered buy phentermine by “internet gremlins”, we are still active in our fight to defeat diabetes.  I had been adding blogs on a weekly basis, but unfortunately they are now lost in cyber space.  So we have a new amoxil online beginning.  I believe beginnings are great.

I will give you a brief review of what has been happening with me and my battle to overcome and defeat diabetes.  I have stayed on target with some goals but failed to move forward  or even get cialis no rx started buy augmentin on others.

The specifics:


Walking—I have  been walking about fifteen minutes  three or four times per week.  My target is 30 minutes five days a week.

Sit-ups—I have been pretty consistent with completing 10 a day


Low carbohydrate menus—I have been really consistent in this area

Incorporating snacks into my food schedule—I have added one snack, not two and have not been consistent in having snacks daily.

I also have not  followed through on researching a variety amoxil clavulin of menus.  I found two that seem appealing but have only tried one of them.  The evidence is clear I need to not only “plan my work” but, also “work my plan”.  The really good news is that my blood sugar levels have remained low and well within normal limits.  The bad news is that I appear to have gained one or two pounds.  Since each day is an opportunity for a new beginning, I am not dismayed.  I will do a better job of maintaining my focus next month.

I have a bonus gift for you so be sure to join my list and  get your copy.  I will then keep you up-to-date on useful tips I encounter.

Have a great day.



Let’s chat.  Connect with me at Skype.  My ID is  path2success

About the Author

Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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