color=”#0000ff”>carbos when I've gone 2-4 days on

my Burn Meal Plan and it's time for

some yum-yums:

amoxicillin color=”#0000ff”>How To Confuse Your Calories For MAX Fatloss  <— Watch how I do it HERE

But I'm talking about "healthy" carbs.

The carbs you can eat virtually every

day. There's only a few in my book…

Brown Rice                     

I say go with your bad self and have

some brown rice every day. It's pretty

low on the "carb/sin" scale, and it has

a lot of healthy stuff in it.

LIMIT:  One large handful a day, cooked.


Yams are probably the best carbs you

can eat as they are obviously the least

processed of them all. Great with a bit

of real raw butter and cinnamon.

LIMIT:  1 per day

Ezekiel Bread              

From the Bible comes a recipe for bread

that's every bit as good today as in the

days of Kings. I love this bread as it has

no flour, the grains are the most digestible,

and it has a solid crunch to it.

LIMIT:  1 slice per 100 lb per day

Apples                  amoxil size-thumbnail wp-image-775″ height=”150″ src=”×150.jpg” title=”Apples” width=”150″ />

The best of the fruits as they are low in

sugar, high in pectin (helps slow down the

digestion of the sugars) and requires you

to chew a lot and tire buy penicillin out your jaws. A very

handy thing on a diet plan… tired jaws. : )

LIMIT:  None

Green Veggies          

As much as you want, any time you want.

Now, if you want to know how I mix all of

that into a low carb dietplan (yes, I'm all

about lower-carbs, but not zero carbs)…

AND how I managed to eat an entire slice

of Key Lime Pie last night and NOT gain

an ounce… or even break my diet plan…

Go here:

The E.O.D. Diet plan  <— My "Old Reliable" Eating System

Enjoy the healthy carbs,

Jon Dana Benson

3-Time Bestselling Author

President, JBF Nutrition

P.S.  If you are currently on a low or

lower-carb diet plan, choose the veggies

and just one of the other goodies above

for your Burn Days…

Feed Days? That's a different story.

online amoxil color=”#0000ff”>Watch this presentation if you have not

already so you'll know how to do it —

Da Plan, Da Plan!  <— click-here


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