As Thanksgiving Day here in the United States draws nigh, I decided to take a moment to identify the primary things for which I am thankful (my blessings). I am alive and healthy. I have full mental capacity.  I can think, reason and speak. I can read and write in my native language. I am able to physically move from one place to another under the momentum of my own limbs (though not as quickly as earlier in my life). I have family, friends and loved ones whom I care about and who seem to care about me. I have adequate food, clothing and shelter. I am truly a blessed individual.

This Thanksgiving Day how can I share my love and concern with others who may be lacking in one or more of the areas I mentioned above?  That is my dilemma for the 2013 Thanksgiving season. I have chosen to use this week’s blog post as an encouragement to others.  Reach out to someone you care about (friend, family, loved one or stranger) and let them know they are loved. Share a hug, a smile, a meal, a compliment or a kind word. Rather than focusing on what you want or need, focus on  what you have, your blessings, the things you are thankful for.

In the United States Thanksgiving ushers in the yuletide season where there is much emphasis on caring and giving.  Let us give true gifts—those from the heart.   I encourage you to acknowledge at least three things for which you are thankful. Share your joy with others.  Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.


BONUS RECIPE:  chocolate sponge cake

  Chocolate Sponge Cake


Theresa Newell

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Holiday Gift Package

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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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