<— no more addiction

2. Try your hardest to "cut back" on your own.

Good luck with that second thing. I am a FIRM believer in having a set plan. The Solution Plan I gave you above is not even my own…but I know it works great for those who have intense food cravings. And it works great for general fat-loss as well. ; ) So, here's the study. Let me know what you think: Dr. Davis (et. al) from York University recruited 72 obese men and women, ages 25 to 45, and gave them a questionnaire. This questionnaire was designed to identify people addicted to drugs or alcohol. (That part is important.) Developed by Yale University drug researchers, this addiction "scale" focuses on seven symptoms. One of these symptoms is "trying to quit  without success." The researchers made one small change on the questionnaire: They replaced the word "drugs" with the word "food."

Of the 72 obese people in Davis's study, 18 were pegged as "addicts" — only their substance of abuse was FOOD, not drugs or alcohol. That's 25%. Wow. Granted, this was a small test sample, but from years and years of dealing with thousand of people, I can tell you that 25% is on the LOW side. I'd bet 35% or even higher is more likely, especially if the subjects are eating processed foods (chips and cookies are the worst) — or sugar.

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Simply switching to honey makes a huge difference in cravings, btw.  <== TIP Whether your obese or not… or whether you're an "addict" or not…there is PLENTY of hope. It starts with a plan. And the reason I'm sharing  Isabel Del La Rios’ Plan with you today is because she's so awesome at RELATING to being really overweight. And now she's not only fit… she's actually TINY. I could not believe her 'before' pic. Then I got to know her, and yeah… it's totally legit. Amazing. See it here:

One Mom's Solution To Food Addiction  <— Read more about Isabel

So, a Plan is required… but one more thing makes ALL the difference:


Once again, props to Isabel's team for really offering great support during the transition phase from cutting down on the junk food to finally eating the foods you KNOW you need to eat…Dare I say… even LOVING them? Yeah. Because I  do. Now. Now that I'm no longer addicted. Keep me posted, and enjoy your weekend!


Jon cialis no rx Dana Benson

President, JBF Nutrition

3-time Bestselling Author

P.S.  In case you're tempted to think the term "addict" is a negative term…maybe even insulting… please don't.

It's a "biochemical" term in the way that I'm using it. And food? That's the most powerful biochemical substance

you can put in your body. I'm telling you:  You just MUST HAVE a solid plan and support ON that plan. That's the key. 

Do that, and you can  drop the weight…kill the addiction cycle… you name it. My suggestion:

===>  www.FlatBellyPowerMeals.com


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Theresa was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes Fall 2009.

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