Some of you may have noticed the lack of recent blog entries.  I just returned from a three-week vacation down under.  I visited Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand; New Caledonia and Fiji islands.  My trip included a week in Australia and a 14 day cruise hitting the above ports of call.  It was a tremendous experience and I am still recovering from jet lag.  But now it is time to get back in gear.

As fellow cruisers know one is exposed to a multiplicity of tempting meals, snacks, desserts, etc. all day long.  I would like to report that having established healthy eating habits really helps to avoid splurging.  Several times I yielded to the temptation of ordering mouth-watering chocolate desserts.  However, after a couple of bites I was full. (Thank you tummy for knowing I didn’t need a lot or extra calories.)  I admit the one thing I did pig out on was bread.  I love the variety of dinner rolls provided with the evening meals and quickly established my favorites and ate them heartily.  I have not yet weighed to see what damage was done but will report back to you in next week’s blog.

January usually brings many of us to thoughts of weight loss or weight control.  I hope that by now most of my readers are focusing on a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy, nutritious meals, and regular exercise.  We need to keep our bodies moving along with managing our food intake. A consistent, manageable program will prove more effective than an intensive program that lasts only a few days.  Walking is an inexpensive activity that can be managed by anyone.  Walk as long or short a period as you choose; fast or slow.  Just be consistent, I suggest minimum of 5 times a week. Always check with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Many of you, like me, are reaching your golden years and may be experiencing some aches and pains.  While traveling I discovered an effective pain relief cream.  It is applied externally so no interference with doctor prescribed medications. I was experiencing pain in my left hip and thigh.  This cream removed the pain for8 hour periods.  I just rubbed it on and felt better right away.  Try it and let me know your thoughts.

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Below are a couple of pictures from my visit to Australia and New Zealand.
Rose Garden           Wellington, NZ

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